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     Djerba Waves

A R T   I S   C H A N G E   T H R O U G H   E X C H A N G E

Djerba is an island in the Mediterranean Sea located to the east of the eastern Tunisian coast. It is known as a tourist destination for its beautiful beaches and high capacity hotels. Behind this image, shaped by the marketing of the tourism industry, most tourists or visitors rarely notice the island's historical and social cultural richness. 

Heritage is presented in beautiful packaging that does not go beyond folklore. The instability that Tunisia has experienced since 2011 has revealed the limits of this mass tourism policy and highlighted the fragility of this sector. In the face of this unpredictable situation, a debate is needed on possible alternatives.

Djerba Waves is a multidisciplinary, collaborative and decentralized arts and culture program. 


create an African and Mediterranean hub/destination of the creative industry and contemporary artistic production. 


create spaces for exploration, exchange and co-production between socio-cultural actors, artists on all sides and local communities on the island.





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Cyber Park, N°7 Boulevard
de l’environnement
Houmet Souk Djerba, Tunisia


Phone: +(+216) 98816021